Center for Jewish History Conference

Our team was invited to participate in the international conference “From Access to Integration: Digital Technologies and the Study of Jewish History” at the Center for Jewish History in New York on November 9-10, 2011. This conference was convened in part to explore the ways in which digital technologies are enhancing the gathering and mobilization of knowledge about Jewish history. Mapping Ararat was selected as one of only five digital project demonstrations at the conference.

At the summary session on the second day, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (University Professor, New York University) delivered a keynote address which singled out the “transformative” nature of the Mapping Ararat project as follows:

“To what extent do these [digital] tools simply automate and to what extent do they augment? And I think that the Mapping Ararat project is an example of the way in which these new tools can augment and not simply automate and I think that would be somewhere to look for something transformative.” You can watch the entire Summary Session here.

As an outcome of the conference, the Center has inaugurated the website Jewish Commons in order to explore and present digital resources, projects and digitized collections pertinent to Jewish studies.  We are pleased to announce that Mapping Ararat is featured as one of three exemplary digital projects on their site.   You can read the “In Focus”  review here.

The conference also was reviewed in Joint News Media Wire and this review included reference to the Mapping Ararat project as well.

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